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Agrawal Samaj - Gotra

Agrasena divided his kingdom among his 18 children, resulting in eighteen Agrawal gotras. Often, the number of gotras is stated to be seventeen. Some sources attributed the half gotra to the illegitimate offspring of rani from a 'Jat', which is baseless given that Jats didn't come to India until 800AD. Another version suggests that Agrasena proceeded to conduct 18 mahayajnas ("Great yajnas"). During one such yajna, Agrasena noticed that a horse that had been brought to be sacrificed was trying hard to get away from the sacrificial altar. Seeing this Maharaj Agrasena was filled with compassion for the animal. The idea of ahimsa (non-violence) grabbed his mind. Therefore, he put a brake to his eighteenth yajna, announcing that no sacrifices will be made in his kingdom in name of yajnas. Thus, the eighteenth yajna wasn't completed and Agrasena had performed seventeen and a half yajnas. The gods appeared before him and blessed him with seventeen and a half gotras.
In the later part of his life, Agrasena nominated his eldest son Vibhu to the throne and took up the Vanaprastha ashram. Gradually, the city of Agroha declined and was finally destroyed in a huge fire. The residents of Agroha i.e. the Agrawals moved out of Agroha and spread in other parts of India.
It is believed that King Agrasen married Madhavi, daughter of King Kumud of Nagaloka (Snake Kingdom). Thus Agrawals are the progeny of Madhavi and that is why they worship Nagas (snakes) and consider them to be their maternal uncles.
Following are the seventeen and a half gotras of Agrawals: Garg, Bansal, Bindal, Bhandal, Dharan, Airan, Goyal, Goyan (considered as half gotra), Jindal, Kansal, Kuchhal, Madhukul, Mangal, Mittal, Nangal, Singhal, Tayal, Tingle.
The kingdom of Agrasen flourished and extended from the Himalayas, Punjab, the valley of Yamuna, and the Mewar region. Agra continued to be a prominent place being the capital of the southern part of the kingdom. The other important regions were Gurgaon (ancient Gaudagrama), the goddess mother of this place is revered by Agrawals; Meerut, Rohtak, Hansi, Panipat, Karnal, and Kotkangra. The famous temple of Mahamaya, the Kuladevi of Agrawals is located at Kotknagra. Mandi, Vilaspur, Garhwal, Narnaul were all the parts of the kingdom. Agroha was the capital of the kingdom.
Agrawals are basically a commercial community or Vaishyas. They are one of the most respectable and enterprising of mercantile tribes. Two of Emperor Akbar’s famous ministers are said to have been Agrawals, viz, Todarmal, who introduced an assessment of land, and Madhushah, who introduced ‘Madhushahi’ pice.

Dassa Agrawal
Bisa Agrawal
1 Aeron Indramal Aaurva Madhuri(Yaj)
2 Bansal Virbhan Vatsa Kauttham(Sam)
3 Bhandal Vasudev Bhardwaj Madhuri(Yaj)
4 Bindal Vrinddev Vashista Madhuri(Yaj)
5 Dharan Dhavandev Ghaumya Madhuri(Yaj)
6 Garg Pushpadev Garg Madhuri(Yaj.)
7 Goyal Gendumal Gobhil Madhuri(Yaj.)
8 Goyan Godhar Gautam Madhuri(Yaj.)
9 Jindal Jaitrasangh Jaimini Madhuri(Yaj)
10 Kansal Manipal Kaushik Madhuri(Yaj)
11 Kuchchal Karanchand Kashyap Kauttham(Sam)
12 Madhukul Madhavsen Mudgal Sakalya(Yaj)
13 Mangal Amritsen Mandavya Sakalya(Yaj)
14 Mittal Mantrapati Maitreya Madhuri(Yaj)
15 Nangal Narsev Nagendra Kauttham(Sam)
16 Singhal Sindhupati Shandilya Kauttham(Sam)
17 Tayal Tarachand Taitireya Aausthambh(Kri)
18 Tingal Tambolkarna Tandya Madhuri(Yaj)