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Court Decisions

Important Court Decisions which will affect your life or may be useful in your life as you have knowledge of decisions as per law.

Supreme Court Decision of 01-08-2014 on the Place of Jurisdiction in Case of Dishonor of Cheque under Section 138 of N.I. Act


It is well settled that the desertion is a continuous act. Therefore it is trite to say that desertion is a conduct which continues until it is stopped by the deserter. The act of desertion does not merely mean the separation from the matrimonial home, ubt also includes the animus desirendi i.e. interntion of the deserter to bring the cohabitation permanently to an end. In the instant case, "the factum of desertion" may have initiated in the US, but has continued to exist even after the plaintiff left the US and returned to Delhi. Indira Sonti Vs. Suryanarayan Murty Sonti, C.C.P. No. 21 of 2002 with CS (OS) No. 2075 Of 2000, decided on 5.2.2013

Cicle Rate of Immovable Property

The question as to whether the Circle Rates fixed by the Government are appropriate or not in consonance with the market rates are matters of policy on which no jurisdiction can be exercised by us. Prkash-India V. State of NCT of Delhi, WP(C) No. 250 Of 2013, decided on 6-2-2013

Reservation on the Basis of Marriage/Conversion

The Court while rejecting the petition of a converted Muslim woman's claim to be considered as a backward class Muslim candidate for a government job held that it cannot be intertained because it is based on her marriage and not on her birth. The woman was a Hindu before her marriage. A.Fatima V. Govt. of T.N., WP No. 29618 of 2012, decided on 30-1-2013

The Supreme Court in Valsamma Paul V. Cochin University (1996) 3 SCC 545 , the court has observed that "A candidate who has the advantageous start in life, being borin in a forward caste, but is transplanted in backward class by adoption or marriage or conversion, does not become eligible for the benefit of reservation".

Supreme Court Remarkable Judgements

Few Isolated Incidents Of Long Past Can’t Be Cruelty, Ground For Divorce Few isolated incidents of long past and that too found to have been condoned due to compromising behaviour of the parties cannot constitute an act of cruelty to grant divorce. Suman Singh vs. Sanjay Singh.
The Supreme Court, in Manoj Kumar vs Champa Devi, has upheld a Himachal Pradesh High Court order directing a husband to grant maintenance to his deserter wife, whom he had divorced, from the date when the divorce was decreed.  More...

Consumer Protection; Bar Of Limitation Cannot Be Strictly Construed To The Disadvantage Of Consumer In a significant judgment Supreme Court on Friday held that provision of limitation in the Consumer Protection Act cannot be strictly construed to disadvantage to consumer.

No politician photos in Govt Ads [Common cause vs. Union of India] A Supreme Court Bench comprising of Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice P.C. Ghose has restrained ruling parties from publishing photographs of political leaders or prominent persons in...

Jat reservation unconstitutional [Ram Singh vs. Union of India] The Apex Court bench held that self-proclamation and claim of a community of backwardness based on perception of advancement of other classes to seek protection as less fortunate is no...

Upload FIRs in Police Websites [Youth Bar Association of India vs.Union of India] The Supreme Court directed that the copies of the FIRs, unless the offence is sensitive in nature, like sexual offences, offences pertaining to insurgency, terrorism an...
Criminal Defamation law not unconstitutional [Subramanian Swamy vs. Union of India]. The Supreme Court upheld the Constitutional Validity of Sections 499 to 502[[Chapter XXI]] of Indian Penal Code relating to Criminal Defamation.
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Multiple Life Sentences will run concurrently, Remission of one will not affect the other [Muthuramalingam vs. state]
Forcing Husband To Get Separated From His Parents, Amounts To ’Cruelty’ [Narendra vs. K.Meena] Read ....
DV Act; Relief Possible Against Minors, Women [ Hiral P Harsora and ors Vs. Kusum Narottamdas Harsora] Click to Read
People with disabilities also have the Right to Live with Dignity [Jeeja Ghosh vs. UoI] Full Judgement ...

National anthem must in Theatres [Shyam Narayan Chouski vs. Union of India]

The Supreme Court, in Bhagirath Agarwal vs M/s Simplex Concrete & Piles (I) Pvt. Ltd, held that once the court permits the tenant to pay arrears of rent in installments, there is no discretion available with the court to deny interest of the same to ...