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Jindal Informatics has already developed the following Android Mobile Applications:

1. Bhakti Sangrah

2. Hindu Marriage Act

3. Code of Criminal Procedure (upto date)

4. Real Estate (Regulation and Develoopment) Act, 2016

5. Hanuman Chalisa

Bhakti Sangrah is an Android Mobile Applicaton.  This is a devotional app inclueing Aartis, Chalisas, Bhajans, and Mantras. There are collection of almost 40 devtiontional hearings giving the enjoyment and relaxation to mind. The user can listen as well chants these songs, bhajans.  However the Internet must be on to hear the delicious sounds for ears.
Hanuman Chalisa is an Android Mobile App inclues Hanuman Chalisa for reading and Hearing.  Hanuman Aarti is available for chanting.
Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 is an Android App which is realted to Bare Act on Hindu Marriage Act
Code of Criminal Procedure (Updated).  This application is a bare act which is updated as per the amendements of 2013 where definition of rape amended and safety to women was provided.